Lease A Photocopier

How To Engage In A Photocopier Lease? 

Cost-cutting plays a crucial role in business expansion. It is not always feasible to invest in equipment that is required in your office. Investing in office equipment can cost you a substantial part of your budget in photocopier lease

Thus, it is not always pragmatic to make such investments and rent and lease certain equipment. This way, you will be able to expend your capital on aspects that are actually necessary and in desperate need of attention. Some of these pieces of pieces of equipment are photocopiers.

Why should you lease photocopiers?

Photocopiers that are used in offices can cost an arm and a leg, at times. Buying a photocopier is not a feasible option especially if you are running a small business. But, worry not. Due to changing times, you can easily engage in a photocopier lease.

A copier lease is a fail-proof way to ensure financial fitness for your business. This way, you will not really own the equipment but can avail of its services whenever the need be. The lease period depends on the amount of time you need to operate the photocopier. 

You can lease it for a short duration and even for a longer duration. This way, you can aim at saving or generating money to buy a photocopier. 

A lot of established business persons also struggle when it comes to deciding whether to lease a photocopier or to buy one. And let us tell you that it is not the same thing. To make a well-informed decision, we first need to level both the options and understand the perks and disadvantages of both. 

Let us see the pros and cons of leasing a photocopier as well as buying it.

Pros of leasing a photocopier: 

Low costs: Leasing a photocopier is an extremely budget-friendly option. When you lease a photocopier, the charge that you are supposed to pay is comparatively lesser than when you invest in one. Due to this, you do not end up spending a lump sum of money in a single go.

Structured payments: You can structure the periodical payments as per your cash flow. The power to determine the period and the cash structure rests with you, making everything even more convenient. 

Tax saving: Leasing an asset saves you from taxes that are associated with owning the asset. 

Cost-cutting: When you lease an asset, you can use your capital more efficiently and wisely. You can invest in things that are of utmost importance and lease things that are secondary. 

Additional perks: You can readily upgrade your photocopier whenever there is an update. You can lease new models with time.

Cons of leasing a copier

It might get difficult to lease a copier if you sport a poor credit rating. 

The equipment will never be your own.

You need to be extremely careful while handling it so as to avoid undesirable damages. You also need to be absolutely aware of hidden clauses present in the agreement of lease. 

It is advisable to carefully read the terms and conditions of the lease agreement before diving in.

Now, let us weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a copier:

Pros of purchasing a photocopier: 

  • No monthly down payments.
  • It is treated as an asset in your accounts
  • You can use it on your accord and do not have to worry about contracts and agreements. 

Cons of purchasing a photocopier: 

  • Purchasing a photocopier takes up a substantial amount from your office budget.
  • You would not be able to save tax as you will be the owner of your asset.
  • You will have to make use of the same piece of equipment for a long time and would not be able to upgrade it with changing times as it is an expensive investment. 

Clearly, the pros of leasing a photocopier outweigh the pros of buying it. Hence, it is wiser to engage in a printer lease

Lease A Photocopier

How to lease a photocopier? 

We have compiled a conclusive guide for you on how to lease a photocopier. Read on:

1. Start with deciding the desired brand. Ideally, you should choose a brand that is reliable, popular for its ease of use and offers value for money.

You can choose a brand based on your prior technological experiences. It is preferable to choose something that you have already used before, to avoid unnecessary issues.

2. Contact a reliable and authorized salesperson or leasor for the photocopier brand that you wish to lease. Inquire about the available plans and ask for provisions about a flexible plan that suits your needs.

The photocopier should be able to provide you with adequate and relevant information. Ask the leasor for insights and do not jump to the final decision before comparing potential choices. 

3. Decide the right model for you based on the period of use. If you plan to use the printer for longer durations, it would be wiser to lease a good quality printer or a high-end printer. 

High-end photocopiers offer a smooth user experience, are quick, and demand-oriented. If you are going to use it occasionally, it would be impractical to lease a high-end photocopier. 

4. Visit your dealer and make sure that he is authentic and experienced. It is necessary to find a dealer who does not engage in fraudulent transactions, that can prove damaging for your business.

5. Bind everything with a written contract. This contract should include the terms and conditions of the agreements, damage control measures, warranty, and so on. 

Discuss the payment methods and possible issues that can arise in the future, with your dealer. Discuss the structure of the periodic down payments in advance. 

6. Make it a point to ask if repairs and servicing are covered by the dealer. Ask the dealer if you will be able to end the lease or upgrade the photocopier if the need arises.

What point to consider when leasing a printer? 

There are certain parameters that should be kept in mind when you decide to engage in a copier lease. We have got you covered. Below is a list of all the things that you should consider when choosing the best copier for your business:

Price: The price or the down payments must be economical and should not dig a hole in your pocket.

Features: See all the features that are offered by the copier and make comparisons between a few models before finalizing any one of them. See if the model that you have chosen, meets your demands or not.

Upgrade: Do not choose a model that is outdated. Go for something that is efficient, new, and quick; to save precious time.

Value for money: Make sure that your copier is offering you value for all the money that you are paying for it.

Reliability: Do not choose something that is not reliable and dependable. Choose a well-established brand. This way, you would not have to worry about the quality and potential damages.

Whom to contact?

Axia is one of the best dealers if you plan to lease a photocopier. Make sure to contact us and avail of our services. We are experienced, dependable, and authentic. We promise to provide you with a smoothly executed user experience with our photocopiers that are at par with excellence.


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