Haitian injection moulding machines

The plastic injection moulding Machines process is an efficient way of producing parts. However, it does have multiple advantages over other methods. Its versatility allows for complex shapes and sizes that cannot accomplish with any single material or tool in existence!

The injection moulding process is a mass production technique that uses molten materials to create thousands of identical items. Injection moulds can be made out of any number or type of material, including metals, glasses, and elastomers. But it’s most commonly found in thermoplastics such as polyurethane which melt at different temperatures depending on their intended use.

Injection moulding machines come in various styles and functions to suit any need. These include hydraulic, mechanical electric or hybrid drive systems that provide the appropriate power for whatever you’re creating with it! Let’s have a look at the types first.

1. Hydraulic Injection Moulding Machine

Hydraulic machines were the only option before a company situated in Japan introduced the first electric machine in 1983. Even with a little bit of low accuracy, Haitian injection moulding machines are mainstream in most parts of the world.

Here are the benefits of Hydraulic Injection moulding machines:

  • Lower Price: The base price of these machines is significantly lower than the other types.
  • Stronger Parts: The hydraulic parts are built to last.
  • Cheaper Parts: The replacement parts are easier to find and are cheaper to buy.
  • Power: The clamping force is an exception in these machines.

2. Electric Injection Moulding Machines

With electric presses, you’ll be able to save on energy costs while still achieving your target production rate! Electric press machines are much faster than hydraulic ones and have higher accuracy, too- with these benefits in mind. It’s no wonder why most plastic injection moulding equipment manufacturers offer them as their standard model for most products.

Here are the benefits of Electric Injection Moulding Machines:

  • Energy efficiency: Electric injection moulding Machines only use energy when in action—meaning the motor output is equal to the load requirements.
  • Less-down time: There is no possibility of leakage from oil. No use of oil means no filters to be replaced. This means less consumable expenses.
  • Faster process: These machines are digitally controlled. This means that the process needs no supervision and is entirely repeatable.
  • Clean operation: Since there is no oil for this machine, it is safe to use if you are manufacturing medical parts. These parts must be created in a clean-room area.

3. Hybrid Injection moulding Machines ( Also Known As Servo-hydraulic )

This injection moulding machine takes advantage of the best features from both hydraulic and electrical systems with its electric motors. The arm on some models is used for removal. Either by side or top entry, but most parts drop out through chutes into containers where another device can catch them before being shipped off!

Here are the benefits of Hybrid Injection moulding Machines:

  • Diversity: The possible combinations for Haitian injection moulding machines open up new degrees of design flexibility.
  • Best of both: Hybrid moulding machines combine the energy savings and accuracy of electric moulders with the force-generating capacity of a hydraulic unit.
  • Replaced motor: The Hybrids have fixed-speed DC pump motors replaced with variable-speed AC drives. The pump operates only when required and uses only the necessary oil for process efficiency.
  • Less downtime: These experience less downtime and less maintenance than an all-hydraulic or all-electric moulding machine.
  • Price point:Cost is between all-hydraulic and all-electric moulding machines, making it an affordable option, especially for medical device manufacturers.

Haitian injection moulding machines

Comparison Of Pros & Cons Between All The Types



Haitian injection
moulding machines

  • Lower price tag
  • Stronger parts
  • Cheaper parts
  • Exceptional clamping force
Accuracy of the hydraulic machine is low.

Electric Injection
Moulding Machines

  • Energy efficiency
  • Faster process
  • Clean operation
  • Less-down time
  • Solve some environmental issues

Hybrid Injection
Moulding Machines

  • Diversity
  • Best of an electric motor and hydraulics
  • Replaced motor
  • Less downtime
  • Price point
consumption is
same as electric

Here Are A Few Latest Machines That Are Topping The Australian Market In 2022:

1. Haitian Jupiter III Series (4,500 – 66,000 KN)

Following are the features of the Haitian Jupiter III Series:

  • Space saving two-platen
  • New Injection Unit
  • Fast and balanced locking mechanism
  • Parallel Lock Nut
  • Movable Platen Support

2. Haitian Iapetus III Series (1,200 – 18,500 KN)

Following are the features of the Haitian Iapetus III Series:

  • Customized Turntable
  • Space Saving P-Version
  • Co-injection solution
  • Rotating Shaft Solution
  • Energy Saving Drive System – Mars Technology
  • Control Technology 

3. Zhafir Venus III Series (400 – 8,000 KN)

Following are the features of the Zhafir Venus III Series:

  • Precise Repeatability
  • Mold Protection
  • Clean & Precise
  • Smart control system
  • Open Integration

4. Zhafir Zeres III Series (400 – 13,800 KN)

Following are the features of the Zhafir Zeres III Series:

  • Constant injection speed
  • Precise Repeatability
  • Mold Protection
  • Clean & Precise
  • Smart control system
  • Open Integration

4 Advantages Of Getting Haitian Injection Moulding Machines

1. High Efficiency & Fast Production

Not only does plastic injection moulding Machines produce more efficiently than other methods, but it also has a higher output rate, resulting in even faster production. The process takes about 15-120 seconds from start to finish per cycle time.

With a short interval between cycles, more moulds can be produced in the same amount of time. This increases your possible revenue and profit margins significantly.

2. Enhanced Strength

Strength is an essential factor to consider when designing plastic injection-moulded parts. The designer must know if the part needs flexibility or rigidity so that they can adjust integrating ribs and gussets accordingly. Understanding how customers will use these products in their environment and what types of usage patterns they experience most often is vital for best results.

The design considerations are just as important to consider when you’re looking for strength and stability. Material selection can make a difference in how well it holds up under pressure.

3. Reduced Waste

When you need high-quality injection moulding, look no further than green companies that commit to quality and sustainability. The most eco-friendly plastic manufacturers utilize state of the art machinery for their processes.

This minimizes waste during production and transportation options, so your product arrives at its destination efficiently packaged without any harm done!

4. Complex Part Design

Quality parts can be designed with essential elements to optimize the effectiveness of high-volume injection moulding and maximize precision. A good design for part layout in an efficient process will yield better results than when there’s no proper planning or consideration put into it at all.

Most moulding professionals agree that fundamental design elements must occur during the injection process. These include wall thickness, rib designs and boss placements, and gate transitions or weld lines if they exist at all. This is important for your product to line up correctly with no ridges on one side. At the same time, another portion may have gaps between pieces because of where vents were placed incorrectly, among other things.

Why Choose Haitian Injection Moulding Machines?

With a product portfolio that ranges from simple and affordable to high-end, Haitian injection moulding machines can be tailored for any application. From the most sophisticated production needs in the plastics processing industry down to low volume mass manufacturing. These large devices provide flexibility with every use case imaginable to the customers.

Haitian’s dedication to their customers is clear. Since they first opened, they have been sustainably developing and training staff, intending to have well-qualified technicians who can answer any question that might come up in your day-to-day life as a customer!

Haitian injection moulding machines

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