Many different types of companies, spanning multiple industries, use a checkweigher scale for a variety of uses. The checkweigher is different from using a basic scale because it has programmed in sensory tolerance. Through a series of colored lights and digital readouts, the checkweigher can provide exact weight numbers, allowing one to easily determine if the weight is under, over, or on target with the needed or desired product weight.

There are more benefits of using a checkweigher than just their precision, and it has to do with the ramifications of being able to obtain this exact weight, and what that could mean for the company using it. The following are some of those benefits.


Ensures Product And Packaging Quality

During the quality control process of most products, whether it is automotive or consumable goods, accurate weight measurement is a key component requiring a precise weight reading. An accurate weight reading can help recognize problems that would cost the company money and have them be mitigated.

As an example, a baked item that weighs too much may end up being undercooked, whereas one that weighs too little could be overcooked. The checkweigher helps ensure that the exact weight of the dough used in baking is utilized to result in optimal production. If the company’s baked goods are persistently over or undercooked, consumers will opt for another brand that does not have these issues, costing that baking producer lots of business and hurting their bottom line.

checkweigher scale

Increased Accuracy, Reduced Giveaway

One of the top benefits of checkweigher use is the financial savings it provides. Many products have their weight correlated to cost savings. A lot of times, the accuracy of weight can mean the difference in whether the producer is profitable or not.

Take for instance the distribution of strawberries, which are typically packed inside of a plastic container. Say the container is meant to weigh 2 pounds (including the container itself). If 10 containers are packed to weigh 2.1 pounds instead, the producer would have given away half the cost of one container. A checkweigher allows for a more accurate packing amount, assuring that the container retains exactly 2 pounds of strawberries. For many companies, this seemingly nominal savings can yield tens or hundreds of thousands in extra profit annually.

Meets Regulatory Compliances

Many products are produced in containers that specify the exact weight as specified by regulatory guidelines. If the weight labeled is not equivalent to the weight actually in the container, in certain industries company’s could be subject to heavy fines by regulatory bodies due to failure to meet compliance standards.

Every region has its own regulatory rules, and the fines can vary based on geography. Considering that some can be more substantial than others, multiple regions levying fines against a particular company could have devastating financial consequences by resulting in a massive loss of revenue. These could mean the difference between a company staying in business and closing its doors.


More Efficiency In Production

Utilizing a checkweigher will allow for more accurate data to be provided, allowing management to access production quality. They may find that the process is inefficient in certain areas and take that data to help tweak the process for better efficacy. There might be certain parts of the process that can be better utilized or improved to speed up production or more accurately put the final product together.

If there is inconsistency in weight, it may mean that certain equipment is not working properly and may need recalibration. That will allow the necessary steps to be taken to get production up to its optimal state.

Tracking Labor Productivity

This can also be used to track the productivity of the labor force. A checkweigher can save on operational labor by providing management with the data about who measured weight using the scale, when they started, finished, and how long it took them to do so. This is important data that could provide time trial samplings and allow for adjustments to be made or labor being restructured to improve to a more cost-effective, optimal output.

A&D Inspection specialises in helping businesses ensure consistency and quality in their production lines. They offer award-winning checkweighers that are accurate and dependable, as well as easy to use and integrate. For more information, contact the A&D Inspection team today.



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