wall hung urinals

Wall Hung Urinals represent innovative sanitary solutions designed for diverse public spaces, including pubs, clubs, and portable buildings. Manufactured by Britex, these fixtures combine practical functionality with modern aesthetics. Certified by WaterMark, they meet stringent Australian quality standards, ensuring reliability. Crafted from premium satin stainless steel, these units feature a top water entry with a 1″ BSP inlet, allowing versatile installation options.

Their robust construction guarantees durability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Notably, Britex offers a budget-friendly model with quick and easy installation, along with compatibility with wall-mounted cisterns for efficient water management.

Britex Wall Hung Urinal Stall Features

1. WaterMark Certified Assurance

Britex’s Wall Hung Stainless Steel Urinal Stalls and Troughs boast Level 1 WaterMark certification, ensuring compliance with Australian quality and safety standards. This certification guarantees the reliability and performance of the product in diverse settings.

2. Premium Satin Stainless Steel Construction

Crafted from high-quality satin stainless steel, these urinal stalls and troughs not only exude a sleek aesthetic but also deliver durability that withstands the rigors of high-traffic areas.

3. Versatile Water Entry Options

Featuring a top water entry design and a 1″ BSP inlet, Britex’s urinal stalls provide flexibility in installation, making them adaptable to various plumbing configurations.

4. Robust Construction for Longevity

Designed with durability in mind, the robust construction of these urinal stalls ensures a long lifespan, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring a reliable solution for high-traffic public spaces.

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Britex Wall Hung Urinal Stall Benefits

5. Budget-Friendly Model

Britex offers a budget-friendly model without compromising on quality. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and establishments looking for cost-effective solutions without sacrificing performance.

6. Quick and Easy Installation

The user-friendly design of Britex’s urinal stalls and troughs streamlines the installation process. This not only saves time but also reduces installation costs, making it an efficient choice for various projects.

7. Compatibility with Wall Mounted Cisterns

Ensuring seamless integration, these urinal stalls are compatible with wall-mounted cisterns, providing a comprehensive solution for water management and conservation.

8. Left or Right Hand 50mm Outlet

Customizable to specific spatial requirements, the left or right-hand 50mm outlet allows for versatile installation options, catering to the unique needs of different facilities.

9. Standard and Custom Lengths

Britex provides standard lengths for convenience, but the flexibility to offer custom lengths allows for tailored solutions that perfectly fit the available space.

10. Top or Rear Water Inlet Options

The choice between top or rear water inlet further enhances adaptability, accommodating different plumbing setups and spatial constraints.

Britex Wall Hung Trough Additional Options

11. Manual or Automatic Flushing System

For enhanced user experience and water efficiency, Britex offers the option of manual or automatic flushing systems, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable solution for their needs.

12. Inlet Size Customization

The flexibility of choosing an inlet size – 38mm, 25mm, or custom – provides further customization, ensuring compatibility with existing plumbing infrastructure and facilitating easy integration.

Choosing the Right Britex Wall Hung Urinal Stall or Trough

Selecting the ideal wall-hung urinal stall or trough involves considering factors such as water entry preferences, outlet positions, and customization needs. Assessing the specific requirements of your facility will guide you in choosing the perfect configuration that aligns with your goals of hygiene, water efficiency, and durability.

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Elevate Your Public Spaces with Britex

In conclusion, Britex’s Wall Hung Urinal Stalls and Troughs redefine excellence in public restroom solutions. From WaterMark certification to customizable features, these products cater to diverse needs while maintaining a focus on quality and durability. For a reliable, cost-effective, and tailored solution for your establishment in Australia, choose Britex. Elevate your public spaces with products that prioritize hygiene, efficiency, and longevity.


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