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Australia is a country that has many different types of weighing scales available. Depending on the type of scale needed, whether it be for industrial or commercial use, there are several varieties to pick from. The most common type of scale in Australia is the digital scale. These devices offer accuracy and convenience and come with various features like LCD displays and memory capabilities.

Different Types of Scales for Weighing Available Online

Digital scale:

For those who want a more precise measurement, a digital scale is a way to go. These scales are often accurate to within 0.1 or 0.01 grams and can measure in both metric and imperial units. Many digital scales come with a variety of features such as tare weight, automatic shut-off and calibration. Some models also have an LCD display, making it easy to read the weight of ingredients. Digital scales are great for precision weighing in laboratories and pharmacies.

Portable scale:

For those who are always on the go, a portable balance or scale is a must-have item. This type of scale is great for weighing parcels and packages, as well as small items such as jewellery. It’s also helpful for measuring ingredients when baking or cooking in small spaces. Portable scales come in many shapes and sizes and can be easily stored away when not in use. Many models are battery-operated, making them perfect for traveling and outdoor activities. With a portable scale, you can be sure that the weight of your items is accurate.

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Weighing Scales for Industrial or Business use

Jewellery scale:

Jewellery scales are specially designed for weighing small items such as coins and jewellery. These scales come in many sizes and shapes, from tiny pocket models to larger countertop ones. Jewellery scales are perfect for those who want an accurate weight reading without the need for a professional setting. Many of these scales also offer a percentage mode that allows you to measure the purity of gold and other precious metals. With a jewellery scale, you can be sure that your items are precisely weighed for accurate results.

Jewellery scale

Mechanical scale:

A mechanical scale is a traditional option for those who want a classic design. Many models feature an analogue dial that displays the weight in either imperial or metric measurements. The advantage of using a mechanical scale is that they are often more durable compared to digital scales and can be used without batteries.

Mechanical Scale

Kitchen scale:

Kitchen scales are a must-have item for any home chef or baker. These food weight scale come in many shapes and sizes, from simple mechanical versions to digital ones with multiple features. Kitchen scales are great for measuring ingredients accurately and evenly, making cooking and baking more efficient. Some models even come with built-in timers and temperature displays, making them perfect for multi-tasking in the kitchen. With a kitchen scale, you can be sure that all your recipes turn out perfect every time.

Luggage scale:

A luggage scale is an essential item for any traveller. This type of scale allows you to quickly and easily weigh your luggage before heading off on vacation or a business trip. Many models come with digital readouts, making it easy to see the exact weight of your bags. Luggage scales are also great for weighing parcels and packages, ensuring that they don’t exceed the weight limit of your airline or courier. With a luggage scale, you can make sure that you don’t get hit with any unexpected overweight fees at the airport.

Luggage scale

Hanging scale:

A hanging scale is a great choice for those who need to weigh heavy items such as boxes and crates. This type of scale is designed to hang from a hook or ceiling and can weigh items up to several hundred pounds. Many models feature an analog dial that displays the weight in either imperial or metric measurements. Hanging scales are also great for weighing large animals such as livestock.  With a hanging scale, you can be sure that your weight readings are accurate and reliable.

Hanging scale

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Buy The Best Scales Online from Able Scale

Ohaus Portable Luggage Scale

The Ohaus Portable Luggage Scale is a versatile and reliable tool for weighing your luggage. It has a capacity of 50kg x 10g, making it perfect for weighing large items. The LCD display is easy to read, and the scale automatically locks in the weighing result for easy one-key operation. The 3V battery operation ensures that you can use the scale without worry, and the compact design makes it easy to take with you on the go. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, the Ohaus Portable Luggage Scale is a must-have accessory.

 Ohaus portable luggage scale

Digital Hanging Scale – Rinstrum Trade Approved

This scale has a dual range weighing capacity of 300kg x 50/100g, making it perfect for a variety of tasks. The 20mm LCD display is easy to read, and the peak hold function ensures accuracy. The built in RS232 interface allows for easy data transfer, and the live weigh function is perfect for weighing animals. The scale can be powered by DC/battery/or AC power options, and it has an IP65 rating for durability. The stainless steel hook is also rust-resistant, making this scale a great choice for any workspace.

Digital hanging scale

Shipping Scales Ohaus SD

The Ohaus SD Shipping Scale is the perfect tool for businesses that need to weigh and ship packages regularly. With its LCD display, mounting bracket, flexible indicator cable, and plastic indicator housing, the scale is very easy to use and install. It also has a painted steel base work for extra durability.

Ohaus SD Shipping Scale


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