From the storage of products to meal preparations, stainless steel benches can genuinely contribute to a commercial kitchen’s success. They aid kitchen personnel get everything done more smoothly. As a result, stainless steel commercial benches are an integral part of the daily operations in kitchens.

Stainless steel benches for commercial kitchens either support the daily operations or become an obstacle in working in a kitchen, depending on the type of bench you choose. There are several benefits of stainless steel benches in your kitchen .

Here is a list of things you should look for while buying stainless steel benches in Melbourne.

Features To Look For In Stainless Steel Benches

Durability and Weight Requirements

It’s essential to consider the amount of impact, weight, as well as wear and tear. Thicker the steel, lower the gauge. The thickness of stainless steel is calculated in gauges.

14 gauge Heavy Duty Top Work Tables are perfect for heavy-duty requirements. They can withstand heavy blows without dents and are resistant to corrosion. On the other hand, 18 gauge Economy Work Tables are lighter and less expensive and best for general working space. In addition, 16 gauge Standard Duty Top Work Tables are more durable than 18 gauge Economy Work Tables.

Type Of Surface

Stainless steel work tables have easy-to-clean and durable surfaces and scratch-resistant outer layers. However, stainless steel may not always be the best option for metal. Examples comprise repeated heavy contact with other metals or through the usage of bolts, nuts, or screws to connect adjustable components. Over time, these connected parts can fuse.

Another point to entertain is that stainless steel, as the name implies, may be stain resistant, but it’s still vulnerable to acids. Over a more extended exposure period, they can also be sensitive to industrial dyes.


Sometimes it might be necessary to move the stainless steel bench. For example, to address space constraints or to move equipment.

For these situations, stainless steel benches with handles and wheels – known as stainless steel carts – are ideal and can be moved around easily.

Adjustable Height Workbench

If more than one person uses the stainless steel table, consider an Adjustable Height bench. In today’s health-conscious work environment, ergonomics play an essential role and help to prevent workplace injuries.

An improperly adjusted bench can lead to musculoskeletal problems such as muscle strains. There is also increased awareness of the negative health consequences of excessive sitting and standing.

Storage Possibilities

Stainless steel benches also offer various storage possibilities, such as drawers, shelves and cabinets. If you are thinking of storage options, be sure to take an inventory of items. Be certain to include the weights, shapes, and sizes of equipment and instruments. Drawers and shelves are also available in diverse custom configurations relying on specific needs. Other items to consider are ergonomics.

For example, you don’t want to reach in an uncomfortable or strained position to open drawers. Security is also essential. For instance, what valuable things will be put inside the cabinets or drawers and should they be locked and secure?

Dimensions Of The Stainless Steel Bench

Stainless steel work tables are available in various heights, lengths and widths. It’s therefore essential to evaluate the type of space where the benches will be located.

For example, will there be a lot of open spaces, or will the environment be crowded? Free-Standing Stainless Steel Benches might be a good option if limited space is available.

Additional Features To Look For In The Stainless Steel Benches

While the features mentioned above were about the commercial benches, that’s not it. Here are a few more essential things you should consider before making a purchase.

  • Quality: To make sure that the quality of the commercial bench is up to the standards, check out the product specifications carefully and also ask about the materials used in it that are not provided.
  • Warranties: All the high-end products have one thing in common, and that’s warranties. Warranties give you peace of mind about the quality of the product. It is also proof of the manufacturer’s confidence in their own products.
  • Suitability for the Australian Market: Designs vary internationally due to requirements and standards. Always check that the commercial benches are suited to the Australian standards and needs for ease of use.
  • Design options: Consider what could work best for your kitchen. Every kitchen is different in terms of both work requirements and layout. Get what should work around your needs.
  • Customisation: Applications may require customisation if you have any special needs. In addition to a broad range of traditional options, Britex company specialises in custom fabrication, so you get exactly what you need.

What Are The Options Available In Commercial Benches For Kitchen?

You may be surprised to know this, but there are several types of stainless steel benches in Melbourne that you can use in your commercial kitchens. Some of them are:


Stainless steel benches in Melbourne are a must-have in all commercial kitchens these days. But with so many options available, it’s hard to choose the right fit. Make sure you always keep quality and kitchen requirements in mind while going for a purchase.

You also should only get them from trusted manufacturers. Choose to go with trusted sellers only if you want high-quality appliances.

Britex stainless steel benches are known to be easy to maintain, robust, and aesthetically pleasing. They even offer customisation of stainless fabrication. Britex is internationally recognised for its innovative designers and fabricators of stainless steel products, commercial grade plumbing fixtures and architectural fittings. They have 80 years of experience in this industry and are the best when it comes to stainless steel products.

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