Applied Machinery installs Yawei fiber laser at Butko

JC Butko Engineering Pty. Ltd. has recently installed a new Yawei fiber laser at its newly built factory dedicated to mild steel production. The Yawei fiber laser is an 8kW HLF model featuring a high cutting speed, extreme accuracy and a large format 2m x 6m cutting bed. It has empowered the company to do plate cutting in-house, which was earlier outsourced.

“In conjunction with our Yawei pressbrakes, the new Yawei fiber laser allows us to have total quality control of the entire process from start to finish,” said Paul Butko, Commercial Manager – JC Butko Engineering.

Supplied & installed by Applied Machinery Australia Pty Ltd, the Yawei fiber laser has given Butco greater flexibility to execute jobs quickly and on-demand. While Yawei’s competitive price and advanced features were factors, the excellent relationship that Butko has established with Applied Machinery during the Yawei CNC pressbrakes purchase was an important consideration to opt for Yawei fiber laser.

“We received excellent back-up and support from Applied Machinery throughout the purchase and installation process of the pressbrakes. It was this experience that provided us with a high degree of comfort and reassurance that we would be fully supported with the new Yawei fiber lasers and why we ultimately chose the Yawei brand,” Paul added.

Source: New Yawei fiber laser gives Butko total quality control of production process


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