stainless steel benches

Stainless steel benches are some of the most versatile structures in the food and kitchen industry, and certainly with good reason. Stainless steel as a surface is durable, corrosion resistant, temperature resistant, and easy to clean: all aspects that make it great for use around grease, sharp cutting implements, and piping hot pots and pans.

Stainless steel benches take those properties and apply them to a variety of different structures and functions, whether it be mobile carts, food preparation surfaces, or waste disposal. In terms of the balance between price, durability, and aesthetics, stainless steel benches beat out all their competitors.

Wood and plastic benchtops may be cheaper, but are prone to bacterial contamination, staining, and chipping. Stone and granite benchtops, on the other hand, may be more aesthetically pleasing, but are far more expensive, harder to move, and sometimes more difficult to clean.

Below are some of the most common types of stainless steel kitchen benches that you might want to consider buying.


The Basic Bench

With a flat countertop and an undershelf that serves as a storage rack, the basic bench is your versatile, everyday surface. Sturdy enough to support machinery, tools, and heavy food preparation, it is also available in many heights and sizes and can be customized to fit your kitchen dimensions, whether it be a small home kitchen or a large commercial or industrial kitchen. If you need extra support, you can find thicker surfaces, more support bars, even screw down feet to anchor these benches down in different models. Without any extra bells or whistles, the basic bench is an affordable, versatile, and sturdy stainless steel kitchen bench.

stainless steel benches

Benches with Splashback

Benches with splashbacks have all the qualities of the basic bench, but also contain a steel panel splashback along the back edge that can be specified to various heights. Usually at around 15 centimeters tall, the splashback serves to protect food or tools from rolling off or toppling over, but also helps to protect the wall and floor from grease or water spill and splatter. Below, the undershelf may be customized to include a closed door cabinet, allowing the bench to serve a dual purpose as a storage area and a work bench. A closed door cabinet also allows you to store more underneath than a plain undershelf. The bench with splashback can be a great asset to your kitchen, but may be bulkier than a basic bench, so make sure that you have enough room in your kitchen if you decide to get one.

stainless steel benches

Sink Benches

Sink benches are a type of bench that comes with built in sinks. Sold in single sink, double sink, and triple sink models, these benches are suitable everywhere from the smallest home kitchen to the largest commercial kitchen. They are available with or without work surfaces, which saves on space and allows you to fit a single stainless steel sink bench in even the tightest places in your kitchen. Equipped with pipe storage racks underneath, they are designed to prevent water from pooling in spaces it shouldn’t belong. The splashback found on the back edge of most sink benches also serve to prevent water spills. The shape of the sinks that make this type of stainless steel bench also vary, with round sinks selected for their ease of cleaning and square sinks selected for their more spacious shape. It is in these benches that the corrosion-resistant qualities of stainless steel shine. Standing up to constant contact with water and corrosive fluids, these stainless steel sink benches will not harbor bacteria nor rust over the long term if cared for with basic cleaning.

stainless steel benches

Corner Benches

The corners of a kitchen are usually looked over as a space to utilize. Larger stainless steel benches may be difficult to fit together in order to best optimize the space available, but L-shaped corner benches can fit snugly into any available 90 degree corner. Coming in different models equipped with splashbacks, pipe shelving, closed cabinets, and more, they are just as versatile and durable as any other bench. By using corner benches, you can be sure that no space in your kitchen will be wasted.

stainless steel benches

Mobile Benches

Mobile benches are any bench that have wheels instead of feet attached to the bottom of their legs. All benches, with the exception of sink benches, can be easily made mobile and some models can even be converted directly from stationary to mobile or vice versa. These benches can be moved from one place to another quickly and easily, making them perfect for moving around heavy equipment, platters or dishes. They can also be used to change the configuration of a kitchen quickly to respond to space requirements or workstation arrangement adjustments. When not in use, the wheels of a mobile stainless steel bench can be locked in place, instantly providing a sturdy work surface that can support food preparation or machine operation.

stainless steel benches

Why Use Stainless Steel Benches for your Kitchen?

The main advantages of stainless steel kitchen benches are their versatility, mobility, and resistance to damage. Stainless steel can be formed into practically any shape, allowing benches made of stainless steel to fit into any part of the kitchen and serve a variety of functions. Its lightweight nature allows it to form mobile benches, which can change the layout of a kitchen in an instant and adapt easily to different circumstances.

Above all, the remarkable properties of stainless steel, especially when compared to its plastic, wood, or stone competitors, make it the perfect balance between weight, durability, and resistance to heat and chemicals in the kitchen.

Stainless steel does not rust easily, is resistant to flaking or chipping, prevents bacteria from growing, and is easy to clean with soap and warm water. Whether you cook at home or run a commercial kitchen, stainless steel benches may be a valuable addition to your operation and will be sure to last a lifetime with basic care.


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