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The benefits of using stainless steel benches in schools

School kitchens and canteens are used at least five times a week, and often several times a day by hundreds of students and teachers. With such frequent use and with food being prepared on these surfaces, it is imperative that work benches remain clean and free of bacteria at all times.

Stainless steel is the perfect material to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. It is difficult to scratch, stain or dent, so you can be assured that a stainless steel bench will last for years.

The powder coated finish of stainless steel prevents it from any kind of cracking, peeling or chipping, eliminating any risk of food contamination, and the smooth work surfaces are easy to maintain.

If you want to add more to its strength, an additional epoxy finish can be applied on the surface of the material, providing the furniture with a sterile surface which is ideal for all kinds of kitchen work.

Stainless steel is a non-porous material which does not retain any kind of moisture, making clean ups easy, convenient, and hassle-free. Containing chromium oxide, stainless steel is resistant to both scratches and corrosion – a particularly useful feature in a kitchen environment where knives, as well as hot plates, pots and pans might ruin a different surface.

This property also keeps stainless steel from rusting, even after being exposed to moisture for extended periods of time.

Thus, stainless steel benches are durable and are able to stay in good condition for a long time,  making them a cost-efficient option for schools.

What makes Britex stainless steel benches stand out

Britex is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel products for commercial building products. Their products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, so specifiers can feel confident in the knowledge that they are choosing the finest product available.

With over 80 years of operational experience, and sales and technical staff who are experts in stainless steel, Britex is recognised as global leaders in commercial stainless steel products and architectural fixtures. Many of their world-first innovations are now commonly found among stainless steel fixtures around the world.

The different types of Britex stainless steel benches

Britex offers a wide range of stainless steel benches suitable for the education sector, including:

Splashback benches

These stainless steel benches come with a high splashback to keep the surrounding area clean. They also feature a  hygienic and easy-to-clean stainless steel countertop, making them ideal for teaching kitchens or cafes.

Sink benches

Britex stainless steel sink benches are suitable for new kitchen installations or to be integrated into an existing space with custom features. They come supplied with a benchtop, legs and a pipe undershelf. Options for these corrosion resistant benches include single or double sinks, and right hand or left hand application.

Pipe shelves

These stainless steel pipe shelves are strong and durable, a cost-effective option for school canteens, cafes and restaurants.

Flat sheet shelves

Hung on wall mounted brackets, Britex stainless steel flat sheet shelves are manufactured from 1.2mm thick stainless steel in commercial grade 304 or acid resistant grade 316 stainless steel.

Work benches

These benches have a stainless steel worktop and are mounted on solid legs with a sturdy undershelf. They also come with 150mm splashbacks to keep the surrounding area clean.

Stainless steel benches for your application

Besides the different types of benches listed above, stainless steel benches for schools and colleges are also divided into several categories, including:

Wet bench – These are specifically designed to prevent spillages with splashbacks and raised edges, perfect for wet applications.

Dry bench – Dry benches have a flat surface and are robust, durable and easy to clean. These are usually designed for dry environments.

Corner bench – As its name suggests, these benches are ideal for corners, and make a practical solution for maximising space in the classroom, school laboratory, or kitchen.

To find out more about Britex stainless steel benches for the education sector and to view their complete selection, please visit their website. Britex also specialises in custom fabrication to suit specific requirements.

Get in touch with their team for more information.


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