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Why Use Hands-Free Technology?

Multi Knee Operated Trough

Cut Back on Water Costs

Are your company expenses high? Hands-free technology allows businesses to significantly save on water bills. A business with normal faucets has to worry more about employees wasting water. Due to the way that the water is turned off manually, there is a possibility that a worker will leave the water on unintentionally. Whether the faucet is releasing full streams of water or just small water drips, this water leakage is costing your business money. Hands-free technology is an easy solution to prevent unnecessary water usage. Using sensors causes your water to turn off automatically when no one is using the faucet.

Cut Back on Energy and Supply Costs

A business can also expect to save on energy if it switches to hands-free technology. Hands-free hand dryers turn on and off using sensors. If a person is not nearby, the sensor will not activate the hand dryer. The hand dryer will also turn off automatically so that it is not left on accidentally. Employees drying their hands with hot air instead of paper towels also helps a company save on supply costs over time.

There is usually a 95% cost savings with using hand dryers versus buying paper towels. To help companies save money, Britex offers seven hands-free automatic hand dryers for purchase. The hand dryers use sensors to detect when hands are presented and when they are not. This allows the device to operate only when you want it to, which helps save on energy costs.

Improve Hygiene Among Your Workforce

A sick worker means that your productivity goes down temporarily in the work place. Many work places encourage their workers to come into work sick. However, one sick worker can infect an entire work force. By installing hands-free technology in your company’s restrooms, you can cut back on the spread of the disease. Germs like to stick to hard surfaces and they can transfer from one individual to another. A sick individual may touch a faucet handle and end up spreading their sickness to the next individual that touches the handle. By limiting how many items that employees have to touch directly with their hands in the restroom, you can limit cross contamination of germs.

Automatic soap dispensers are a great option for hands-free bathrooms. They use a sensor to tell the device when soap should be released. Britex offers the Automatic Stainless-Steel Soap Dispenser for purchase. The device uses infrared sensors so that employees never have to touch the device in order to request soap. The device also only releases one drop of soap at a time in order to limit how much soap an individual can ask for. This allows companies to save on soap over time.

Britex also offers hands-free water basins and water troughs. Some of their basins come with a wand instead of a regular handle. At first, you might assume that you need to toggle the wand with your hands in order to turn on the water. However, you can actually lean against the wand to activate the basin so the product is completely hands-free. Britex also offers troughs and basins that are knee-operated, which is another creative way to get around having to use your hands. Sensor activated troughs are also available as a hands-free alternative to regular troughs.

Surgeon's Scrub Trough

Upgrade Your Company Bathrooms

Technology is changing. New inventions are made with the purpose to make our lives easier and safer. Hands-free technology is just one of these inventions. By using hands-free technology, you can guarantee that you are helping your work force be more hygienic and less wasteful. This means that your company will experience less interruptions in productivity due to sick workers and profit more in the long run.


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