baby scale

Weighing your newborn baby is an exciting and important process. Baby scales indicate your infant’s growth over time. This scale is critical for making sure that your baby is developing as expected.

Unusual weight measurements can suggest that your newborn may be ill or has a deficiency. But thanks to your baby scale, you can stay on top of your baby’s health. Now you can get newborns to the doctor when odd weight changes occur.

If your newborn child was born with a low birth weight, they could experience several complications. These issues include infection susceptibility, difficulty feeding, can’t maintain body temperature, or low oxygen levels. Getting a baby scale can help you keep track of your baby’s overall health to catch any issues early. We’re going to cover 6 best features to look out for when buying a baby scale.

baby scale

Class III Approved

Baby scales should be Class III approved before using in a professional medical setting. To be Class III approved, a baby scale has to undergo intense procedures and testing to ensure its reliability. If your baby scale has passed these tests, then you can have relief knowing you can trust its ability to function.


The tare function is a helpful feature that allows the scale to get an accurate weight of the baby. Let’s say the baby is holding a blanket or nappies. The tare function will allow you to weigh the baby without weighing the items.

Long-Lasting and Tough

Quality baby scales should weigh up to 20kg and can support children up to 2 years of age. These scales need to be resilient to be able to handle wear and tear. This way, you’ll get the most out of your scale, and it will last a long time.

baby scale

Movement Compensation Technology

It can be difficult to try to weigh a newborn when they’re moving around. Some baby scales come with movement compensation technology. This technology prevents the baby’s movements from interfering with the weighing process. Now you will be able to get an accurate reading without having to worry about keeping the baby still.

Easy-to-Clean Exterior

Babies can be messy. It’s a fact of life. Knowing this, you want to make sure that you can clean your baby scale with ease. Cleaning your scale after each use is important to make sure the newborn is always on a clean, sanitized surface.

baby scales

Baby-Friendly Design

When buying a baby scale, you’ll want to make sure that its design has newborns in mind. Ensuring the newborn is safe and comfortable are two of the most important factors. Look out for scales with curved shapes, these allow the newborn to lay comfortably and securely.

There are plenty of baby scales out there. But, you want to ensure that you’re buying scales that have the newborns health at heart. Take a look at baby scales, and we guarantee you will find the perfect solution for your newborn.


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